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A Sketch, Because I Wanted To…


There is so much subtlety in creating a likeness. I was a bit off on the jawline and it changes the look of the whole face. My husband thinks he looks familiar, so I’ve managed to capture a bit of a likeness at least. I just felt like sketching though, I haven’t done it much since high school. I’ve spent most of my creative energy knitting for the last decade. But I have no inspiration for it lately. All I want to do is draw and paint. And photography, but I haven’t used my camera much in the last while…

To Kill A Mockingbird

I love To Kill A Mockingbird. It has been my favourite book since I first read it in school. So when I saw Go Set A Watchman in the bookstore I was really excited to read it. I bought it brand new (I rarely buy new books) and went home and reread my old favourite so I’d have it fresh in my mind before I started the new one. Unfortunately that was a lot like reading Lord of the Rings and immediately watching the movies — inconsistent and frustrating.

I loved To Kill A Mockingbird initially because I related so much with Scout. A little girl who didn’t care to be one, raised by her father, following around her older brother, and living half in her head. When I read it again when I was a little older I realized that book had really captured the essence of childhood. The book is funny, has lots of truths and morals, and has Atticus Finch, a quiet hero with infallible character. And Dill…



I don’t hate Go Set A Watchman, I think I liked it, but I really didn’t until almost the end.

The first annoyance was the switch from first person to third… Then there was the lack of previous major characters… I’m sure there are reasons for those things. I still hated it. The thing that really bored me about the early chapters was the seeming plagiarism from the first book for character and location descriptions. I think it was word for word in some places. It’s like when TV shows have recap episodes where they mostly keep showing clips from old episodes, in case you forgot or something. But the weirdest part was the retelling of Atticus’s black vs. white rape case. A case Calpurnia had brought to him about a 14 year old white girl accusing a one armed black man who Atticus managed to get acquitted? Tom Robinson was a court appointed case, Atticus didn’t have a choice except whether or not to do a good job. The girl was 19, Tom had a mangled arm, was found guilty, and was shot trying to escape from prison. Maybe Atticus had a similar case after the events of To Kill A Mockingbird, but that wasn’t clarified and the similarity was just weird.

Although I did not enjoy one of my oldest heroes being torn down, I do appreciate that the book did a good job of discussing the hero-worship of seemingly perfect parents and the need to see them as people and separate our identity from them as part of growing up.

I think it was worth reading, even it falls short of the first book (in my opinion.) And I still love Atticus :)

November Flowers

We’re expecting snow soon, so I cleaned my garden up today. I still had a lot of flowers…


Moore’s Meadow In October

Moore's MeadowMoore's Meadow

From a walk today. I’m thinking of printing these two.

How are you?

I wrote this two years ago. I was frustrated by the simple question everyone asks. I still feel the struggle between lying or not answering at all. Sometimes I make jokes. It’s just too complicated a question for me. I wrote this two years ago and I just found it again and I still love it. So, how am I?

“My life is difficult, and it’s beautiful. I have joy and sorrow. I have hope – and a past that treads softly behind me, wrapping me in its loneliness. A dark day of rain feels like home in the familiarity of sadness. And sunshine fills me with joy. Leave me with my thoughts, and my thoughts will tell me of all the wounds that haven’t healed. Leave me with my son, and he will show me what joy is. He will show me what it is to love. He will remind me that I love gardens and sunshine and the colours of the sky, and all that is beautiful and lovely all around us.”


My new favourite song. It’s all I’ve been listening to for more than 24 hours now… The feel of it reminds me of my days as a young teenager wandering around Abbotsford at night with other kids whose parents didn’t care where they were. It’s a particular kind of freedom that’s hard to describe. I love this song for the feeling of nostalgia.

Fall 2015

Some pictures from a walk today. The colours are beautiful :)

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Fall 2015

Paul Davenport Was A Viking King

I wrote most of this poem several years ago while I was working at Ness Lake Bible Camp. It’s about a friend of mine. I used to love teasing him about being a viking because he was a quarter Icelandic, or something. This nonsense started popping into my head one day and I wrote it down. It was actually performed as a musical skit for talent night once. I think I laughed so hard I cried :) Anyway, I was looking at it tonight and it still didn’t feel properly finished, so I managed to write another verse…


Paul Davenport was a Viking King and he sailed the seven seas.

He’d stop for tea and crumpets, in the calm of a gentle breeze.

His arm was strong, his face was fierce, his foes would flee away.

His ships were ever in good repair and his ropes would never fray!


Davenport never sailed alone, no he’d never test his fate.

He’d never leave a friendly port without Rodney his first mate!

Now when land was scarce and wasn’t found as far as eye could see,

Rod would stand and give a song, for a yodeler was he!


Paul Davenport was a Viking King and the tales that could be told,

of his many ventures on the stormy seas in the Viking lore of old…

He could fall a tree with his bare hands and bite through solid steel,

His virtue, strength, and gallantry, nothing could conceal!


Long ago he sailed his ship across the ocean wide,

And into legend sailed he, never returning with the tide.

Paul Davenport was a Viking King, so the stories say,

In an old world, in an old song, in a long gone day.


It doesn’t seem perfect yet, but at least it feels complete. I thought I should at least write it down somewhere it won’t get lost.

6th Birthday Portrait

I try to take a picture of my son every year on his birthday. I missed it by two days this year because we were out of town and he was too excited to hold still. But I don’t think he’s grown too much since then… Anyway, he was being his cute little self and I got a bunch of pictures that I love. <3

6th Birthday Pictures

6th Birthday Pictures

6th Birthday Pictures

6th Birthday Pictures

6th Birthday Pictures

6th Birthday Pictures

6th Birthday Pictures

6th Birthday Pictures

Train Museum – August 2015

Pictures from our trip to the train museum last week. I was happy to stay home and let the guys go, but my little boy insisted I go so he could show me the new wooden train they have for kids to play on. He’s really into trains this year. So I went, and it was fun, and I got some nice pictures out of it…

Train MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain MuseumTrain Museum

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