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Last November

We had some beautiful frost last year. I went out and took some pictures of the trees, but my computer died before I could get them off the camera, and by the time it was fixed I’d kinda moved on to other things. Anyway I found them recently, so here’s a few photos of frosted


A Knitting Post!

I think initially I started this to be a craft blog, and I’ve kinda wandered away from that. So for anyone who’s following because you like knitting, here’s a bunch of projects I don’t remember posting.

Dad’s sweater. This was 3 or 4 years ago. It’s the only adult sized sweater I’ve ever made. The sleeves were too long so he just rolls them up. lr-6396

I made a shawl for my step-mom’s 50th birthday summer of

My favourite socks. I want to make lots more.

A hat and mitts for someone’s baby, a while ago…lr-5283

“Fingerless” mitts for my husband’s friend. I was proud of these ones because I didn’t know how big his hands were, so I made them stretchy so they fit both me and my husband (his hands are way bigger than mine.)lr-5621

A wool scarf I made for myself recently. The colourful wool was from my step-mom for Christmas a few years ago. It’s very

Baby mitts and a hat for my friend’s son. This is actually the second pair of mitts because he outgrew the first one, but they look the

And the little cutie modelling his hat for me:lr-9787

Blue Eyes

​He had blue eyes

And she had green.

He had blue eyes

And she was mean.

He had blue eyes

And loved her so.

He had blue eyes

And the sun in his soul.

Christ In Me

I’m hurt.

I wish I could be angry.

Anger burns out the pain.

But I’ve been giving that to Christ.

To my dismay, in this moment,

It worked.

So I feel pain, love, sorrow.

What can I do

But sit with it?

I wish I could refuse it.

This is a gift I don’t want,


My Thoughts on the English Language


As I’ve gotten older I’ve found I have less and less respect for rules that aren’t actual law. Take any “rule” and ask where it came from, and if you actually respect the authority of the source. Do you understand and agree with the reason for the rule? Choose to keep it or throw it away, but think about it first.


Always and Never,

–I’m fine.

Rain bleeds grey,


My eyes, my heart, my soul.

No light.

No dark.

Grey heart,

Bleeding in the rain.

Lighthouse Painting

I finally decided to finish the painting I started last summer…


I started it because of the song “My Lighthouse.” I heard it in a church and loved it the most for about two weeks… I do that with music. And now it’s one of my son’s favourite songs and he loves lighthouses πŸ™‚ But anyway, I had a dream once where I saw a purple sky full of stars, and that’s where the background came from. So not much to this painting really, just pretty. The white spots are stars, and the purple spots are there because I just felt like it.

Spring – 2016


I wait all winter for this nonsense. Mainly the pink trees and the lilacs… And then I spend as much time outside as possible because it all fades so fast.

Downtown Prince George – Photo Club Field Trip

I never go to Photo Club except for field trips. I got the email about this one, and I’ve been wanting to wander around downtown with my camera for a while… I got my dad to drive me, because carpooling and I hate going places alone and he’s pretty decent company πŸ˜‰


I love graffiti. I stuck with my dad the whole time, he followed me around really… And he scared off a creeper for me. It was pretty good though (and fairly abandoned.)

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